Mon, 23 Jul 2018 14:31 IST
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Usefulness Of Carbon Credits

New York, April 16 ( – Carbon credits are a budding commodity with several questions and concerns related to buying and trading them. The following article highlights several reasons as to why investing in carbon trading is a logical step.
The primary reason for a company or an individual to purchase carbon credits is to offset its carbon footprint. Both industrial processes and household activities add to carbon emissions that have been stimulating debates and raising concerns. Thus, businesses and households voluntarily participate in carbon trading to compensate for the environmental damage they cause on a daily basis.
Carbon can assist in boosting the businesses, as this tactic is acknowledged by both large and small corporations as part of their strategic marketing and PR campaigns. Consequently, Eco-awareness attracts potential investors attention. Carbon credits are also regarded as an investment that can yield in profit, as some investment companies buy carbon credits with intent to resell them in future. Lastly, they support community sustainability, as many credit-producing offset projects are situated in developing countries. These projects employ local workers from impoverished indigenous communities.

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