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Overview Of European Carbon Emissions Trading

London, April 16 ( – On April 11, 2018, European company, Carbon Market Data, provided latest release of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme’s 2017 verified emissions reports.

In a research report published on April 11, Carbon Market Data indicated that the EU emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) released 87 million tonnes of CO2 less than their number of freely received carbon allowances, thus making installations long by 87 Mt in 2017. The figure is based on the verified emissions data provided by 89% of the 11,000 installations that are presently included in the trading scheme, Thus, the EU ETS installations emitted an overall 4.9% less CO2 than the number of allowances received for free. These figures are for the 27 EU countries except Greece and Cyprus and do not include “new entrant reserves” allowances that are given for free to new installations and to installations growing the volume or the nature of their operations.

In 2017, EU nations assigned a total of 1985 million allowances to their installations, where an allowance is a permit to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide. The verified emissions data declared until now displays that these installations were emitted during the same period 1693 Mt CO2, which constitutes to an average decrease in CO2 emissions of 2.21% per installation in 2017 over 2010. However, this decline in CO2 emissions was unexpected to most analysts, which might be caused by the economic stagnation in Europe along with the impact of energy efficiency and renewable energy policies. 

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