Mon, 06 Aug 2018 08:06 IST
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Olympic Games Make Tourists Stay Away from London

New York, August 1 ( – The fever of Olympics is at its peak making sports fans to have a close look over the victory and defeats of their countrymen. However on the other hand, it raised worries for the hoteliers who are running food chains in London.

Seeing the businessmen and tourists, especially sports lovers, holding off staying in the City due to the Olympics, hotel owners have even trimmed the prices considerably for their services and room.

Similar kind of situation is seen in the Museums and theater halls as the passion and enthusiasm what one sees in the sports stadium is missing there, resulting decline in the number of visitors. If to believe on the statement of Steve McNamara, General Secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, then it has been found that lack of trade has bitterly hit cab drivers delineating London as a city of ghost. However, finding traffic of London being down by a fifth in such situation is not of much surprise.

According to sources, getting a short time accommodation in London is literally inexpensive these days as compared to that of the previous year. In addition to this piece of information, with tourists and citizens of the London conducting clear due to the fears regarding overcrowding, West End traders informed about business of the hotel getting dropped down by approximately 70 percent.

Furthermore, sales of the tickets are predicted to be down by 30 percent over the summer and this forecast has been proclaimed by Nica Burns, Chief Executive of Nimax Theatres that owns six theatres in London. Additionally, declination in the numbers of visitors has also been reported by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions and spokesman for the British Museum.