Thu, 02 Aug 2018 21:19 IST
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Mel Gibson’s Stepmother Sues Him

New York, July 24 ( – Mel Gibson’s stepmother claims that the actor is responsible for the breaking of her marriage and sued him for $65,000.

Mel Gibson’s stepmother, Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson (78), married the actor’s dad, Hutton Gibson (93), in 2001. In June 2018, Hutton Gibson filed for divorce and kicked her out of their home.

Against Mel, she even filed for a restraining order earlier month alleging that the star has threatened her and attempted to sabotage her marriage. According to Teddy, the actor and his sister Maura don’t like her much as she didn’t gave permission to let his husband go through controversial treatments for his illness.

The children have forced their ailing dad to file for divorce, says Tedd.

She claims that recently Hutton expressed his feelings for her by writing on a piece of paper that their mutual love is permanent.