Mon, 06 Aug 2018 07:45 IST
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London Olympics Might Turn as a Bad Sign for the Country

New York, August 1 ( – London Olympics has hit the town’s business and productivity as most of the workers and officials have been asked to work from home due to Games held in the city.

Some of the areas of the city has turned into ‘ghost towns’ and it has also been reported that only 100,000 visitors have arrived for the mega event which is far less than the usual count of 300,000 who visit the city during this time every year.

As a lot of workers and officials have been allowed to work from home, the traveling of these people have dropped sharply as thousands of civil servants have been placed for the Olympics. Few largest private companies of UK like BT, Royal Bank of Scotland and Sainsbury’s have also allowed its workers to work from different locations and to adapt their working hours.

Out of the population of 5 million of working professionals, 1.5 million will be working from home for the next two weeks time to avoid disruption in traveling. A lot of high end hoteliers have been benefited due to this, but a lot are suffering also.

Managing Director of Golden Tours, an open tour bus company says that the action has totally destroyed the market this summer and their revenues have dropped by nearly 20 percent. UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameroon said that they are hoping to generate revenues of 13 billion pounds from their investment, but the results have not been so positive for smaller companies like budget hotels, museums and other visitor attractions.