Thu, 09 Aug 2018 08:42 IST
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Marketo Plans IPO After Presidential Elections

New York, June 23 ( - Founder and Chief Executive Officer Phil Fernandez of Marketo Inc, a software company, has announced plans to launch an initial public offering post US presidential elections this November. Fernandez said, "The time to do it is after the elections, when we’re … [Read more...]

ICE Bids USD2 Billion for LME

New York, June 11 ( - The American financial company, Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE: ICE), which operates internet-based marketplaces has placed 1.3 billion pounds ($2 billion) bid for London Metal Exchange. Headquartered in Atlanta, ICE is the world leading base metals market … [Read more...]

JPMorgan (JPM) Change Risk Measurement at its CIO

New York, May 19 ( - A decision taken by JP Morgan Chase & Company (NYSE: JPM), a multinational banking corporation of securities, investments and retail, might chase the bank in the developing crisis over the trading losses it has suffered. The bank has decided to change … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank Securities Derivatives Research

Given the distribution of risks and the ambiguities associated with fiscal tightening, in one year’s time rates could end up trading on either side of the spectrum. We believe that the options market tends to misprice the possibility of having bimodal rates distribution and suggest an approach … [Read more...]

Dollar Flat on Friday, but Tipped to Rise Against Euro and yen

New York, April 19 ( - On Friday, US dollar remained flat in foreign-exchange  during East Asia hours. However, analysts believe that the US dollar will rise against  Euro and yen in the week later. On Thursday, the dollar index  sat at 79.560, moving in a tight … [Read more...]

BlackRock CEO Expects Euro Falling to USD1.10

New York, April 19 ( Recovery of the euro zone might take long time but it would finally happen, however, euro's exchange rate will be weaken, according to BlackRock Inc chairman & CEO, Laurence D. Fink. According to MarketWatch, Fink expects that euro could get weaker, probably … [Read more...]

Overview Of European Carbon Emissions Trading

London, April 16 ( - On April 11, 2018, European company, Carbon Market Data, provided latest release of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme's 2017 verified emissions reports. In a research report published on April 11, Carbon Market Data indicated that the EU emissions trading scheme … [Read more...]

Approval of BP Settlement Worth USD7.8Billion Might Get Delayed by Florida

New York, April 16 ( - The federal court has been approached by the Attorney General, Florida to delay the approval of $7.8 billion settlement amount over the oil spill in gulf of Mexico in 2010. US District Judge, Carl Barbier's approval will be required for the settlement. The … [Read more...]

China yuan-band Move met by Skepticism

New York, April 16 ( - China's yuan-band move has got critics attention. As the yuan rarely tested its previous trading band, analysts are not happy with the decision. On Saturday Beijing said that it will allow 1% move from the government, up from 0.5%. In the forecast, Deutsche … [Read more...]

China Enhances Two-Way Flexibility Of Yuan Exchange Rate

New York, April 16 ( – China has taken a step to benefit the development of both offshore and on shore yuan market. As per the the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), China's plan to widen the yuan's trading band against dollar will enhance the two-way flexibility of yuan exchange … [Read more...]