Sat, 04 Aug 2018 10:31 IST
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Banks’ Stimulus Moves Fail to Remove Investor Concerns, Brent Drops below USD100

New York, July 7 ( – On Friday, crude futures stood below $100 per barrel by falling more than $1 as central banks’ stimulus moves could not allay concerns of investors regarding demand, despite the possibility of supply disruptions due to a labor dispute in Norway, which are expected … [Read more...]

Obama Govt to Grant Arctic Deep Sea Drilling Permit to Shell This Summer

New York, June 27 ( - It’s still four more years before full scale energy exploration in Arctic region is to be allowed, Obama administration plans to grant a permit to Shell to drill oilup to five wells in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, in the near future. Government sources … [Read more...]

Crude Moves In A Downward Trajectory

New York, June 27 ( - Amidst increased worries about deepening European debt crisis and falling real estate prices, oil moved unsteadily lower than $80 a barrel for a fourth consecutive day. Crude jumped up and down even as the news of high yielding Spanish bonds declined to bill … [Read more...]

Gas Prices Declined in the US, Suggests Lundberg Survey

New York, June 11 ( - The Lundberg Survey suggest that the average price of gasoline at U.S filling stations dipped by 15.9 cents to touch $3.6243 per gallon. This decline is evident from past three weeks. This price is 11.62 cents less than the one recorded last year and is the lowest … [Read more...]

Deutsche Bank Issues OVERWEIGHT Rating on Oil Sector

Overlapping styles Going into this year a core style of ours has been global exposure on an attractive cash flow multiple. It was one of the reasons for our overweight in oil. Year to date the majority of companies within this category have performed relatively well, apart from big oil. The oil … [Read more...]

Oil Price Up USD 91 a Barrel in Asia

New York, May 29 ( – Amid concern that tensions over Iran's nuclear program could escalate as sanctions tighten this summer, oil prices increased slightly to above $91 a barrel Tuesday in Asia. In electronic trading on New York Mercantile Exchange, Benchmark oil for June delivery … [Read more...]

Brent Crude Touches a New High of USD107 a Barrel In Asia

New York, May 28, ( - Oil prices recovered itself to register a high of $107 a barrel after opinion polls in Greek showed support for the pro-european parties even as stalemate in talks with on nuclear programme of Iran continued to worry traders. Brent crude went up significantly … [Read more...]

Oil Prices Decline In Asian Market Over Euro Worries

New York, May 25 ( - In  Asian markets oil prices dipped up to $90 a barrel in anticipation of euro zone crisis albeit eased a bit  on reports of continued nuclear stand off between Iran and the West. The two main contracts West Texas and Brent north sea crude declined by … [Read more...]

Oil Rise Near USD90 a barrel After Seven Month Low

New York, May 24 ( - Amid signs that China's economy is moving on a slow track, on Thursday the oil rose slightly off seven-month lows near $90 a barrel in Asia. At midday Singapore time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, Benchmark oil for July delivery was … [Read more...]

Brent Crude Slips 0.4 percent on Iran deal

New York, May 23 ( - On Wednesday, Brent crude slipped around 0.4 percent. The slip was a result of a potential deal between Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog that eased fears of oil supply disruptions, while concerns over the debt crisis in the euro zone and a slowing Chinese economy … [Read more...]