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Why it is Vital to Understand the Alternative Minimum Tax vs. the Standard Tax System

The tax system is designed to provide state benefits to citizens. However, in the ultimate analysis, it is a deduction from the money that people earn. If you are earning money, almost all types of taxes will affect you directly or indirectly. That is why having accurate information about the country’s … [Read more...]

Why Use a Forex Signals Service Provider

Forex trading is a skill that must be acquired and takes time. The problem is that many Forex traders have a job and try their hand at making some extra money during their free time. In such a situation, even if they have some trading knowledge it is extremely difficult for them to find time for research, … [Read more...]

Usefulness Of Carbon Credits

New York, April 16 ( - Carbon credits are a budding commodity with several questions and concerns related to buying and trading them. The following article highlights several reasons as to why investing in carbon trading is a logical step.   The primary reason for a company … [Read more...]

Payday Loan Process

Few things in today’s world are easier than getting a payday loan. The same, unfortunately cannot be said about paying back the loan. Unlike getting a mortgage or a personal loan where extensive checks are involved, payday loans rely on minimal documentation. Lenders are competing amongst themselves … [Read more...]

Why Financial Accounting

The size of a business is dependent on the potential of the idea and not on the pockets of the entrepreneur. Look at the example of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has created a company worth billions even though he had nothing in his pocket. However, as companies grow bigger, the ownership and management … [Read more...]

What Is Behavioral Finance

Financial theory all over the world is shrouded in rationalism. Every economics and finance textbook begins with the assumptions that man is a rational animal. They also assume that all the information is present with the investor and he can process it correctly. However, in reality, this is not the … [Read more...]

Time Value Of Money Factors In Compound Interest

We have already learnt that capital markets reward people for making sacrifices. People who choose to save the money get paid by the capital markets in the form of dividends and capital gains. However, the time duration for which you want to invest your money is also important. Someone, who is willing … [Read more...]

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Let’s say you had two tickets to the Super bowl which was to be held in a neighboring city hundred miles away. These tickets were given to you on a complimentary basis. Imagine if on the day of the game, the river between the two cities has flooded and it would be dangerous to go and watch the … [Read more...]

Set of Books For Accountants

Accountants used a “Set of Books” in earlier times to keep track of the transactions that a particular organization was going through. These set of books, with the corresponding system, form one of the earliest control systems known to business organizations. Below is a description of the … [Read more...]

Selective Information Processing-Confirmation Bias

Most of financial theory has been laid upon the fundamental assumption that all market participants have the same set of information. This has been debated over for decades for its correctness. However, recently advances in psychological theory have shown that even if two people have the same set of … [Read more...]