Sat, 04 Aug 2018 08:35 IST
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Deciding if it is truly the ideal time to refinance your home loan

Low interest rates definitely mean that, it is the best time to refinance your home. Because, the main aim of refinancing is to ease the payments to be made on the mortgage. This is possible, only if the interest rate lowers and the payment term gets extended. A refinance program not only helps you lower … [Read more...]

Author Truman Capote’s Brooklyn Heights Home Sells For USD12 Million

NewYork, March 3 ( - American author Truman Capote's fabulous house at 70 Willow St. in Brooklyn Heights, where he wrote his most famous novella 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s',  has been sold for about $12 million. After almost two years in the market, Capote's yellow mansion … [Read more...]

A Beginners Guide to Value Investing

NEW YORK, October 17 ( - Value investing is an investment model, invented by Benjamin Graham in 1934, where he assumed that all businesses have two values. The first one is Market Value (value of the company listed on an exchange) and later one is Business or Intrinsic Value. What … [Read more...]

Growth stocks Vs. Value stocks

Growth Stocks Vs Value Stocks NEW YORK, October 17 ( - It has long been a debate among investors, money managers and various other financial bodies and institutions as to which style of investment is successful. However, none of them were able to produce any evidence that would … [Read more...]

Three things to remember before investing in the stock markets

There are few basic points that you need to know before initiating investment in stock markets. Stock exchanges are commercial trading platforms for organizations and investors. In the stock market, trading of company stocks and derivatives of stocks usually takes place. There are basically three things … [Read more...]

Guidelines on how to analyse a stock market chart

When buying and selling stocks, you need to have a clear idea about the basic processes of stock market chart analysis. It is worth mentioning that for the new traders, it is not difficult to learn how to analyse a stock market chart. Many people are still not aware that investing in the stock market … [Read more...]

Tips on how to make money fast in the stock market

Stock exchanges are commercial trading platforms for organizations and investors. Aggressive investment with lofty chances of immense returns has proven good for many investors but not for all. There are few basic principles which can yield better returns in the stock market. A regular monitoring of … [Read more...]

Few important tips for trading in the stock market

When you intend to trade in the stock market, it is best to be well informed about the companies and the segments of industries you are putting your money in. As a newbie, it is best to start your studies with the online articles and newsletters. In this era of electronic trading; so, it is advisable … [Read more...]

Determining the most stable stocks to invest in

In a volatile market, stock values keep changing. It is difficult to estimate the most stable stocks to invest in but at the same time, a close look at the best stocks is important. Past performance of different stocks can be useful and based upon their previous rise and fall a future analyses can be … [Read more...]

Best strategy for trading on the stock market

All novice investors search for the best strategy for trading on the stock market. With ample experience, you can invest effectively but initially, you have to rely upon the news channels and online information channels. Stock market is the platform where the shares of different companies or corporations … [Read more...]