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Retirement: Best Ways to Take Care of Your Finances

Retirement is the ultimate goal of every individual who works hard for living by managing different jobs at various stages of life. You face many ups and downs on the way of your earning life. Some leave sweet memories and some harsh that are unforgettable. However hard you strive for your daily needs, … [Read more...]

Deciding if it is truly the ideal time to refinance your home loan

Low interest rates definitely mean that, it is the best time to refinance your home. Because, the main aim of refinancing is to ease the payments to be made on the mortgage. This is possible, only if the interest rate lowers and the payment term gets extended. A refinance program not only helps you lower … [Read more...]

Why it is Vital to Understand the Alternative Minimum Tax vs. the Standard Tax System

The tax system is designed to provide state benefits to citizens. However, in the ultimate analysis, it is a deduction from the money that people earn. If you are earning money, almost all types of taxes will affect you directly or indirectly. That is why having accurate information about the country’s … [Read more...]

Why Use a Forex Signals Service Provider

Forex trading is a skill that must be acquired and takes time. The problem is that many Forex traders have a job and try their hand at making some extra money during their free time. In such a situation, even if they have some trading knowledge it is extremely difficult for them to find time for research, … [Read more...]

Usefulness Of Carbon Credits

New York, April 16 ( - Carbon credits are a budding commodity with several questions and concerns related to buying and trading them. The following article highlights several reasons as to why investing in carbon trading is a logical step.   The primary reason for a company … [Read more...]

Canada Records YOY CPI At 2.6 Percent

New York, March 23 ( - According to the Statistics Canada, the YOY Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Canada was recorded at 2.7% in February, against 2.5% in the previous month. However, the analysts estimated a reading of 2.7%. Monthly inflation continued to remain the same at 0.4% in … [Read more...]

Euro/Yen Extends Gains Over 111.00

New York, March 21 ( - The EUR/JPY suppressed the 111.00 ground during the Asian session, being topped at 111.15, and pressured down less than the psychological level before the European session. With support at 110.85, fresh European increase provided the cross a new opportunity to … [Read more...]

Ways To Create Wealth From Short-Term Forex Trading

New York, March 21 ( - One can make wealth from both short-term forex trading strategies, such as scalping and day trading, and long-term trading styles. The advantages of short-term forex trading scheme includes the ability to win money within a lesser time frame. Moreover, a … [Read more...]

Author Truman Capote’s Brooklyn Heights Home Sells For USD12 Million

NewYork, March 3 ( - American author Truman Capote's fabulous house at 70 Willow St. in Brooklyn Heights, where he wrote his most famous novella 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s',  has been sold for about $12 million. After almost two years in the market, Capote's yellow mansion … [Read more...]

An analytical estimate of the best stocks to buy in 2018

Past performance and fundamentals of a stock helps to determine its future success. While searching for the best stocks to buy in 2018 it is preferable to check their previous performances. Stock is ownership of share in a business. With gain and success of the business, the stockholder receives the … [Read more...]