Thu, 09 Aug 2018 08:42 IST
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Olympics to Boost London’s Economy

New York, August 4 ( – For hosting an event like Olympics costs millions of dollars to a country, where the country's economic condition also has to be considered. This is the current situation in this summer's London Olympics, where it had cost around $9 to $24 billion to host the … [Read more...]

Windsor Brokers Reports USD/CHF to Exceed 0.9221 34 Mark

New York, April 9 ( - In a research note published on Monday, the analysts at Windsor Brokers project an upside that can breach the 0.9221/34 level.   Today, the USD/CHF pair is trading sideways within a trading range of 0.9221/0.9158. In a 4H chart, the indicators point towards … [Read more...]

EUR/USD Surpasses 1.3100, USD/JPY Consolidates Below 81.50

New York, April 9 ( - The Euro surged above the 1.3100 mark compared to the Greenback, as US stocks pull off their worst levels of the day and due to the statement that Spain will further cut its budget by €10 billion. The EUR/USD pair surpassed the 1.3090/1.3100 resistance level … [Read more...]

Industry Outlook For GBP USD As On January 9

NEW YORK, January 9 ( - As per the technical, the GBP/USD pair is expected to consolidate at 1.5345 in an attempt to stabilize and start to recover from there, while a rally is likely to stay for a short period. The initial resistance and support level may be cited at 1.5671 and 1.5363. According … [Read more...]

Stability of Euro vs. Dollar

With an unexpected rise in the German business confidence, Euro has performed considerably better and has attained the one-week high position. As a result, the concern associated to the region … [Read more...]