Sat, 04 Aug 2018 10:31 IST
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Dollar Advances, Euro Drops on US Job Data and ECB’s Policy Doubts

New York, July 7 ( - Dollar soared highest in ten months since September against its counterpart euro as US job data fails to match the estimated figures and European Central Bank suggests that the economy is still not under control. Euro on the other hand sliced low to touch two-year … [Read more...]

Chinese Yuan Needs Further Revaluation, Says US Report

New York, May 28 ( - Chinese currency has remained undervalued, says a semi-annual US Treasury Department report, however the report refuses to call China as “Currency Manipulator." The report submitted to Congress on Friday, calls ”for policy changes that yields greater exchange … [Read more...]

Emerging Markets See Huge Turnaround In Q1

New York, April 10 ( - The emerging markets witnessed an immense turnabout in the first quarter, according to an Index IQ research note. Investors are unaware that most ETFs, focused on emerging markets, are adjusted toward large-cap stocks, making them even more related to broad … [Read more...]

Windsor Brokers Reports USD/CHF to Exceed 0.9221 34 Mark

New York, April 9 ( - In a research note published on Monday, the analysts at Windsor Brokers project an upside that can breach the 0.9221/34 level.   Today, the USD/CHF pair is trading sideways within a trading range of 0.9221/0.9158. In a 4H chart, the indicators point towards … [Read more...]

USD Trading Flat on Lack of Data

New York, April 9 ( – US Dollar Index, which measures the currency against its major competitors, is almost seen inactive on Easter Monday. This trend signifies thin trading across the markets, as no data is likely to surface neither from Europe nor in the US. This evening, US … [Read more...]

EUR/USD Surpasses 1.3100, USD/JPY Consolidates Below 81.50

New York, April 9 ( - The Euro surged above the 1.3100 mark compared to the Greenback, as US stocks pull off their worst levels of the day and due to the statement that Spain will further cut its budget by €10 billion. The EUR/USD pair surpassed the 1.3090/1.3100 resistance level … [Read more...]

USD CHF Discovers Resistance Around 0.9200

New York, April 6 ( - Today, the USD/CHF pair seems to be calming down around the 0.9200 mark, as the last session experienced a sharp uptrend from the 0.9140 mark to the closeness of 0.9220 subsequent to a solid progress in the risk aversion.   Some adverse news surfacing … [Read more...]

EUR/USD Heads Over 1.3075

New York, April 6 ( - Following a good jump from the 1.3050 mark to the lines of 1.3070 at the start of the Asian session, the pair settled down at a higher end as the trading week in Asia comes to an end. The euro is trading at 3-week lows region, subsequent to the underperforming … [Read more...]

A Safe Dollar Is Worth More Than a Risky Dollar

One principle of the Time Value Of Money concept is the fact that a safe dollar is worth more than a risky dollar. The recent debt crisis projects that the instruments that are about to be in default now were AAA+ rated some time back, that means they had almost no chance of default. Hence, the Time … [Read more...]

Industry Outlook For GBP USD As On January 9

NEW YORK, January 9 ( - As per the technical, the GBP/USD pair is expected to consolidate at 1.5345 in an attempt to stabilize and start to recover from there, while a rally is likely to stay for a short period. The initial resistance and support level may be cited at 1.5671 and 1.5363. According … [Read more...]