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About Us

We at provide analyst ratings or analyst opinions from leading investment banks and rating agencies on investment vehicles. The instruments we cover are exhaustive, including, but not limited to equities, mutual funds, Gold, Silver, commodities, foreign exchange and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

We cover small cap, midcap and large cap companies across Europe and North America to give investors comprehensive information on various investment options. We have a dedicated team of journalists creating stories and headlines across Europe and North America. Our strength, however, lies in providing expert opinions from major investment banks.

Our target audience is individual investors, researchers and active traders looking for authentic and authoritative investment opinion on the web. We will be covering thousands of companies across various industries in a few months to come.

We are committed to provide timely and useful information to investor community without any fees. Our approach is unbiased as we do not make money through any market transactions.


Our Staff Writers


Christina Mathew

Christina works as a Senior Editor and is associated with us since last two years. She has a total work experience of 12 years in various national and international news papers. In short span of time, Christina has adopted to FinanceEnquiry and extends her work and support beyond editing. She helps us in development and various analogies associated with the evolution of the portal.

Angelina Ryan

A proactive editor, she has hands on experience in copy editing. She copy edits news beautifully and is a part of the team for approximately a year. Angelina has edited more than 5000 pages for FinanceEnquiry.

Mable Andrew

Known for her dedicated approach, Mable is a professional Editor with great understanding of Financial News. She has worked as a journalist in reputed national newspapers before teaming with us.

Isabella Morphy

Isabella works as a business writer and is an advertising student. She loves to write and also freelances for a reputed fashion magazine. She is known for her creative bent of mind. Though Finance is not her domain, Isabella is a natural writer for writing financial news.

Sophia Wilson

Sophia Wilson, masters in Advertising and Mass Communication, works for FinanceEnquiry as a writer. She is also associated with reputed Advertising agencies and has written few jingles for television commercials.

Camilla Powell

Camilla is a self-driven writer with an aptitude to write financial news stories with zeal. She holds a MBA (Finance) and joined us as a writer last year. Since she has specialized in Finance, Camilla is thorough in in her work and can easily grasps financial figures and put them in words.